Sugg Savage NXNE

Sugg Savage was born in San Fransisco, California and raised in Fort Washington, Maryland right outside of Washington DC. She is a singer rapper and guitarist who combines her extremely eclectic musical tastes to create a sound not easily categorized by one genre. Her music is geared towards the uplifting and strengthening of its listeners. Her goal is to combine her spirituality, life experiences, and love for the ever so influential musical attributes of heavenly harmonies, rhythm and dance. She aims to create an intoxicating, undeniable sound that heals and liberates. Along with her own sound, she is also half of a blooming musical female duo from the Washington DC area called Akoko. 

Combining her sound with the musical stylings and influences of her best friend and partner Sloane Amelia. Akoko has released two projects (Killer Tofu & Cataraps) and are currently in the process of releasing a third.  Sugg Savage is heavily influenced by her spirituality, her African American / West Indian upbringings, musicians from her home town, her love for wolves / dogs, gogo, rock n' roll, jazz, calypso, the blues, 90s dance music, and choral sounds. She can often be associated or seen with a symbol of a wolf. Her goal is to leave the world in a better state, and to positively affect listeners including those surrounding her.


"Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Romans 12:2

Photographer: Yinka Soda

Musician: Sugg Savage

Festival: NXNE 2014